Public Employees for Community Concerns is a group of African-American City of Peoria employees who joined together to try to enlighten and empower African-Americans and the community as a whole. Our mission statement is to provide an extension of local government to the minority community, promote networking among public employees, facilitate and advocate discussion of the community’s concerns and increase the visibility of public employees within the community.



For over 20 years, we have successfully organized an annual luncheon in honor of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our speakers have included Dr. Maya Angelou, James Earl Jones, Martin Luther King III, Ambassador Andrew Young, Michael Eric Dyson, Condoleeza Rice, Bill Cosby and Danny Glover. We had a record attendance of 2,500 people when Dr. Angelou and Bill Cosby were our guest speakers. Our goal in organizing the luncheon was to have an event that would bring the Peoria area together to fellowship and celebrate the life and work of Dr. King.





Contact information: Public Employees for Community Concerns P O Box 1312 Peoria, IL 61654 Attn: Alma Brown Make checks payable to PECC




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